Questions About Contracting A Virtual Assistant

Most people seeking our service start with several virtual assistant FAQs. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who helps take care of the administrative side of your business. A VA assists you or your business on a contractual basis from a remote location. Virtual assistants (VA) are a proven cost and time-efficient way to get routine tasks or projects done. Here are several of the most frequent Virtual Assistant Frequently Asked Questions presented by our small business owners seeking part-time virtual support.

Things you don’t know how to do, don’t like doing, or don’t have time to do!

At VA Minion for Hire, we look at all companies as different. We understand that ALL businesses will have unique needs, so we are up for each challenge!

Absolutely! We have worked with companies in Indiana, Louisiana, and California.

Sadly, no we do not at this time.

As quickly as you need, within reason. 

You will be billed monthly, either on the first or middle of the month. Payment is due prior to work being completed.

We will adjust your needs so you aren’t overpaying. Jobs are paid by retainer fee.

Any time over will be charged at an hourly, discounted rate.

Sorry, we do not at this time.

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 5pm | Friday: 8am – 3pm

This is possible, but the work will be billed at a higher rate.

No, but we will come to your office to pick up the work.

We can communicate any way you wish; email, text, zoom, phone, etc.!

We have a timing program that adequately tracks the time spent on each client.

We will provide a virtual assistant privacy policy in the contract.

A 30-day notice will need to be given.

You can have them done how you want them! I.E. All information hand-written, message only, addresses with return address stickers, etc.

Yes! Please provide them for distribution.

The client does have to pay for postage.

Yes, it will be added to your invoice.

Fill out this form and schedule a 1:1 with me.

More Virtual Assistant FAQs?

Working with a virtual assistant should be stress-free, and add more flexibility to you to focus on growing your business. We hope this Virtual Assistant FAQs list helps you with understanding the role of a virtual assistant. This website also has some great tips for managing your administrative tasks in our blog. We hope we fit your needs for virtual assistant work! Do you have more questions? Please contact us today.